Why every Carpet Cleaning Business Should have a Yelp Listing

Customer feedback is vital for the continued growth of a carpet cleaning business apart from the visibility on Top 10 searches of Google, Bing etc. When you are in the carpet cleaning business all that matters for success is having a satisfied customer base that is happy with your services and are more than willing to share their pleasant experience with other potential customers. Likewise, in case there happens to be any dissatisfied customer you would want their problems to be addressed promptly so that there is no negative impact on your business image. A lot of local directories support customer reviews. One of the most popular local directories for carpet cleaners is Yelp.

With a listing on Yelp it becomes much easier for you to engage with your existing customers. You get to know how your customers perceive the quality of your services and what your shortcomings are that you need to work on.

Yelp not only helps you get valuable customer feedback but also makes sure that there is no undue bias or influence on the customer. A Yelp listing is now a vital aspect of a business marketing strategy.

The Benefits

With a listing on Yelp, you can expect following important benefits:

1) Receive customer reviews about your business. These reviews help you understand how customers perceive the quality of your service compared to your competitors.

2) Most potential customers check for Yelp reviews before calling your business for a carpet cleaning job. Thus, in true sense Yelp is a great marketing tool for your cleaning business.

3) If you have a powerful and optimized Yelp listing, there is a high possibility that your Yelp listing can show in Google top 10 results with the review stars. All you need to do is keep your profile updated and encourage your customers to post reviews on Yelp.

4) A customer who is dissatisfied can post his complaint. This gives you a chance to win back an unhappy customer by addressing his complaint and trying to resolve the issues.

Customers Trust Reviews and Ratings Posted on Yelp

Yelp is rated highly for the reliability it offers. Yelp makes sure that the reviews and ratings posted on its site are genuine and posted by real customers and not agents of the business. Yelp deploys complex algorithm that helps it detect fake reviews which are either posted by the business itself or fake customers.

Yelp not only filters fake reviews from its site but goes a step forward by penalizing businesses that resort to such practices.

Customers pose deep faith in reviews posted on Yelp and make their buying decisions accordingly. So if you are into carpet cleaning business and want to ensure that you are able to leverage your satisfied customer base to expand your customer base a Yelp listing is unavoidable.

Local Marketing


Once you have created a website you are now in a position to start marketing. Most cleaning and restoration businesses are local and so local marketing becomes more relevant. To achieve better visibility and higher ranking on search engines in your local market, creating Google+, Yelp, Citysearch and other local listing profiles and optimizing the profiles is extremely helpful. There are about 50+ local websites and directories where you can list your business and keep your profile updated to push your ranking high enough on local searches on Google, Bing and other search engines.

To avoid the hassle of creating 50 different accounts, Ready2Go Sites can provide you with a local marketing platform that can not only help you publish your 50+ profile listings within minutes but also have a review monitoring service attached to these sites. When you receive any review on your profile you can be email alerted to track, measure and handle your customer reviews online. You can also link your G+ and Facebook profiles to this platform to enable posting directly from within the platform.

Our local marketing / review monitoring service includes the following:
  1. 50+ listing on most popular directories. I have included the list in the attachment
  2. Review monitoring on 10-15 most popular websites including G+, Yelp, Citysearch etc. which support leaving reviews
  3. Adding all your services and enhanced service listing, bio and up to 10 categories on your listing
  4. We can also add nice pictures, logo, biz hours, etc. on your listing
Benefits of Local Marketing:
  1. It gives you an exposure on 50+ most popular directories which either people search on or you stand a good chance of your profile listing being shown on Top 10 Google search results
  2. It includes review monitoring so you know when you get a bad/good review and you can handle the review appropriately by getting in touch with the customer
  3. The local marketing will give you 50+ strong back links to your website which means your social popularity will increase and your organic/map positioning on Google will be improved because of this.
  4. You will get access to the listing dashboard and your reviews etc. and you can monitor activity yourself. You can also update your listing through the dashboard

Review Monitoring Service / Reputation Management

You can connect all your profiles to one dashboard and monitor your reviews at one place. This allows you as a business owner to track your customer feedback and handle it appropriately.

To check how your business profile appears on 50+ local directories, click the Scan button below.

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Leveraging Google+ For your Business

Every business can have a Google+ listing and it does not end there. Your Google+ listings is a great opportunity to help you get new business and cut through the competition. Google+ can help your customers leave reviews and earn you star ratings! Internet searchers rely heavily on reviews when it comes to deciding on which cleaning company to call apart from prices and quality. As a business owner, it becomes crucial to have good reviews on Google.

Google+ can also help provide basic information about your business including phone #, business hours, website link and description. For businesses who do not have a website yet, your Google+ page can serve as your website. You can even run an AdWords campaign using Google+ page as your landing page.

Google+ allows you to post links, articles, images and video and make your page more interactive, informative and engaging to prospective visitors. And there is more…you can make friends with your prospective clients/ existing customers to stay in their eyes and remarket to them through regular postings on your G+ profile.

All in all, Google+ can be used as a very powerful channel to bring in new business for your cleaning business.