Month: May 2014

Leveraging Google+ For your Business

Every business can have a Google+ listing and it does not end there. Your Google+ listings is a great opportunity to help you get new business and cut through the competition. Google+ can help your customers leave reviews and earn you star ratings! Internet searchers rely heavily on reviews when it comes to deciding on which cleaning company to call apart from prices and quality. As a business owner, it becomes crucial to have good reviews on Google.

Google+ can also help provide basic information about your business including phone #, business hours, website link and description. For businesses who do not have a website yet, your Google+ page can serve as your website. You can even run an AdWords campaign using Google+ page as your landing page.

Google+ allows you to post links, articles, images and video and make your page more interactive, informative and engaging to prospective visitors. And there is more…you can make friends with your prospective clients/ existing customers to stay in their eyes and remarket to them through regular postings on your G+ profile.

All in all, Google+ can be used as a very powerful channel to bring in new business for your cleaning business.